Novial Language


Welcome to the Novial Language Department of the Schools of Language and Literature and Linguistics.

This section provides resources for learning the international auxiliary language Novial.

Translation Projects

Translation Projects:

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

1. The Cyclone  100%.png      -      Li Siklone
2. The Council with the Munchkins  100%.png      -      Li Konsilo kun li Munchkines

Novial/La Verda Koro

Parallel Esperanto and Novial texts of this Esperanto beginner's course.

Chapter vocabularies are in Esperanto, Novial and English.

Novial/La Chanson de Roland

Comparison of the parallel Old French and Novial texts of this famous poem (written in 1090) illustrates some similarities between Novial and Old French.

Novial/The Little Prince


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The Novial classes presently offered are operated through the use of various Wikimedia materials. A list of the materials may be viewed below:




Wikiversity Novial Dictionaries (under construction)