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This resources uses, openstax Physics, an open source textbook available for free at Most sections of the Physics equations have a link to the appropriate chapter.

This section is an exception, since openstax Physics has no such review.

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  •   is the Riemann sum representation of the integral of f(x) from x=a to x=b. It is the area under the curve, with contributions from f(x)<0 being negative (if a>b). The sum equals the integral in the limit that the widths of all the intervals vanish (Δxj→0).
  • A unit vector is any vector with unit magnitude equal to one. For any nonzero vector,   is a unit vector. An important set of unit vectors is the orthonormal basis associated with Cartesian coordinates:
  • The basis vectors   are also written as  , so that any vector may be written  . Even more elegance is achieved by labeling the directions with integers:    
  •   is the dot product between two vectors separated in angle by θ.
right-hand rule
  •   is the cross product of   and  . The cross product,   is directed perpendicular to   and   by the right hand rule.
  •   wehre   is the angle between vectors   and  .
  •   is also the magnitude of the of the parallelogram defined by the vectors   and  .
  •   if   and   are either parallel or antiparallel.
  • The unit vectors obey  ,  , and  .

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  • Vector calculus Vector derivatives. Gradient, div, and stokes theorems.
  • Coordinate systems Designed to facilitate a simple understanding of line, surface and volume integrals.
  • Coulomb's Law Introduces the Coulomb integral using a line charge. It then extends this result to a plane charge using a double integral.


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  • oregonstate BridgeBook a wiki focusing on the undergraduate physics major.
  • UC Davis physwiki Not much material but the wikis are first rate. Part of a suite that includes other subjects.
  • openstax Physics Commercial quality (and massive) algebra/trig based textbook, nominally the one used for this course. This book can be accessed as a wiki and edited; the only reason for doing so would be to re-write it as a calculus based text.