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In physics, Natural scale is the scale, which connects with the mass of electron. The method of constructing of the scale is the same as for Planck scale and Stoney scale. Usually, the Natural scale now considered for definition of the gravitational force between electrons and has not appropriate attention that should be for the scale of matter.

The natural gravitational coupling constant is:


is the electron mass;

is the Planck constant;

is the speed of light in vacuum;

is the gravitoelectric gravitational constant;

is the gravitational constant.

Fundamental units of vacuum edit

The set of primary vacuum constants is: [1] the speed of light  ; the electric constant  ; the speed of gravity   (usually equated to the speed of light); the gravitational constant  .

The set of secondary vacuum constants is: The vacuum permeability:  ;

The electromagnetic impedance of free space:


The gravitoelectric gravitational constant:  ;

The gravitomagnetic gravitational constant:  ;

The gravitational characteristic impedance of free space:


Natural scale units based on electron mass edit

For the sake of completeness in the Table 1 the main Natural scale units in the form consistent with Tables for the Stoney scale and vacuum constants are presented.

Table 1: Base Natural scale units
Name Dimension Expressions SI equivalent
Electron mass Mass (M)     kg
Electron wavelength Length (L)     m
Natural gravitational coupling constant Dimensionless    
Natural fictitious gravitational torsion mass Dynamic mass (L2T −1)     m2 s−1
Natural torsion coupling constant Dimensionless    
Natural charge Electric charge (Q)     C
Natural electric coupling constant Dimensionless    
Natural fictitious magnetic charge Magnetic charge (L2MT −1Q−1)   {  Wb
Natural magnetic coupling constant Dimensionless    
Natural gravitational impedance quantum Gravitational impedance (L2M−1T −1)     m2 kg−1 s−1
Natural electromagnetic impedance quantum Electrical impedance (L2M−1T −1Q−2)     Ohm.

The difference of Natural coupling constant   and fine structure constant   is so high, that the Natural scale now is the base for the Dirac large numbers and different numerology approaches. [2]

Actually, the relationship between fine structure constant and Natural coupling constant yields the Dirac number:


where   is the Stoney mass.

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References edit

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