Pakistan/A brief history

Welcome to this learning project about Pakistan- a brief history

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Learning Project Summary

  • Time investment:Work in progress, unsure at this point
  • Assessment suggestions:essays (etc.) shall be set in due course
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  • Department: Indic History
  • Level: Basic

Content summary


This learning project is all about the country that has recently been at the forefront of the press.



This learning project aims to..

  • Educate about the basic origins of Pakistan
    • Pre-partition
      • Mughals (see Mughal India)
    • Founding Fathers
      • Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-i-Azam)
  • Discuss modern Pakistan (on a daily basis)
  • Inform about poltical and socio-economic issues.
    • Relations with the West
      • The War on Terror

Above is a basic outline- more topics shall be covered but these are the main points.



Learning materials


(Including some internal materials- for mroe see the box below)

(more shall be added in due course, if more sources are needed the external links sections of the Wikipedia articles are good.)



Introduction to Pakistan

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