Progress and Prospects in Parkinson's Research/Therapy/Neuroprotection/Mirapex

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Fedorova & Chigir’ [1] evaluated the use of the dopamine agonist Mirapex in the treatment of P.D.

Improvements were demonstrated in general state, motor activity, daily activities, and the quality of life. Attention is drawn to a decrease in the severity of motor fluctuations and dyskinesias and in anxiety and depression, and to improvements in cognitive functions. The significance of the combination of the high efficacy and good tolerance of this agent is emphasized.

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  1. Federova, N.V. and Chigir’, I.P. (2007) Abstract Neurosci. Behav. Physiol. 37 (6) 539-546. Use of the dopamine receptor agonist Mirapex in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.