The operating system (OS) is specialized computer software that allocates memory and manages system resources. When a computer is turned on, the OS is loaded into memory and works as an abstraction layer between the physical hardware and the software. While the Operating system doesn't perform a specific function it helps other programs run smoothly and efficiently. In this course you will learn about the structure and functionality of operating systems.

The operating system is an integral layer in the modern computer.

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Prerequisites edit

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Lessons edit

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  1. Principles 
  2. History 
  3. Kernel models 
  4. Operating Systems Structure 
  5. Reality vs. Abstraction 
  6. Boot Loader 
  7. Virtual Memory 
  8. Traps and Interrupts 
  9. Multiprogramming 
  10. File Systems 
  11. Software Management 
  12. Security Principles 

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