Open Source 3-D Printing/Viking mashup project

This is a project that supports the course Open Source 3-D Printing

Viking Decor Assignment edit

  • Register with a free account at
  • Get design assignment from cup for household item
  • Using Blender or OpenSCAD or FreeCAD or combination of them to decorate item with Viking Animal+Celtic knots (using one of the methods covered in class). You can even use designs from Vikings
  • Print your design with appropriate infill for item.
  • Upload design to Youmagine (STL,source and photograph) with a brief description of how you did it with sources.
  • In Appropedia gallery below add your image and hyperlink to your design on Youmagine
  • Bring printed design to class – put your name on the paper slip and the class you are in and tape it to your design so that it will not come off!

Gallery 2018 edit

Add your image and hyperlink to the gallery below using the example format from last year.

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