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Blender Software - OpenSource - Windows, Linux, MacOSX

About this Course

This course will guide you through learning how to use Blender to create your own models, animations, games, and more. It will eventually be composed of 15 weeks worth of learning material that will help you develop your skills. It is strongly reliant on the documentation found in Blender 3D: Noob to Pro as it is already a valuable resource that has been proven to help quickly advance skills in Blender.

Learning Challenges Objectives:

To first learn the basics of using the complex blender user interface and basics of 3D computer graphics using learning materials already available. Then to make available a series of challenges - gradually increasing in complexity - that allow the reader to learn how blender can be used creatively to produce astonishing graphics.

Syllabus edit

Week 1 - Learn about 3D modelling in general and become familiar with the Blender interface.

Week 2 - Adventure further into the blender interface. Learn how to model a house and a simple person.

Week 3 - Use modifiers to create a hat for your simple person. Learn about materials, textures, and halos.

Week 4 - Become familiar with how Blender organizes data. Model multiple objects to learn about modifiers and other tools.

Week 5 - Randomize size, color and position to make a virtual world look realistic

Related resources edit

External resources - This is a large list of Helpful tutorials, models, textures, and much more. It has been moved to its own page so that it will all fit. Please don't overlook this for information!