Motivation and emotion/Assessment/Extensions


  1. Extensions for the Topic Development assessment exercise are not available. Students unable to submit this assessment item by the due date should consider withdrawing from the unit prior to the Census Date.
  2. Extensions for other assessment exercises will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Progress on the assessment items is expected throughout the teaching period. Early communication of problems is strongly advised.
  3. Extensions will not be granted for:
    1. Workload (e.g., study load and/or paid or voluntary work) - such problems should be anticipated
    2. Technical problems (e.g., lost/corrupted/damaged storage media, software/internet access problems, and viruses) - keep multiple and regular backups
    3. Undocumented issues
  4. Extension requests should be submitted via email, from your UC student email address, to the unit convener and include:
    1. ​Your first and last name
    2. Unit number, unit name, enrolment period, and assessment item(s) for which extension is requested
    3. Length of extension requested
    4. Reason for the extension request
    5. Documentary evidence. Appropriate evidence could consist of a:
      1. medical certificate which includes:
        1. Registered provider number, contact details, and signature
        2. Date(s) of consultation
        3. Duration of incapacity to study (must be during the teaching period and prior to the due date)
        4. Correct orientation - scanned/photographed documentation that requires the end-user to rotate in order to read may be rejected
      2. death notice or other documentation for bereavement
      3. Reasonable Adjustment Plan from Inclusion and Engagement at the University of Canberra
  5. The unit convener will consider the request and reply via email to advise the outcome. If approved, the new due date will appear in UCLearn.
  6. For further information about extension requests, see:
    1. Assessment Policy section 3.15
    2. Assessment Procedure section 3.14 on Extenuating Circumstances (Deferred examinations and extensions).
    3. Assignment extensions