Mobile Web Applications

Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
Completion status: this resource is just getting off the ground. Please feel welcome to help!

Mobile Web Applications edit

The best way to learn to develop web pages is to develop web pages. This philosophy is how this course has been designed and built. It treats learning web development more like learning an art than a science. And when attending an art class the opportunity to jump right in starts usually on the first day, during the first hour of class.

Considerations edit

  1. When on the Internet users prefer to use web apps rather than mobile apps on their mobile devices.
  2. Learners using this learning resource should find or create their own development environment capable of hosting the technologies used within this course. A review of my series of blog posts describing the setup of a rackspace cloud server can help here;
  3. This course will be taught more as an ART course than a SCIENCE course. So be prepared to get dirty and learn with reckless abandon.
  4. The creation of this course / book is as an example toward Agile Learner Design

Conventions edit

  1. Each chapter will focus only on what it needs to meet its objective. Within any feature of technology there is often many more attributes than need to be discussed to meet a chapters objectives. It is preferred to only focus on the immediate need, rather than all that is possible with any given feature.
  2. Pseudocode will be used to describe all algorithms / programming logic
  3. Each chapter will include a business value section to describe the value of the technology will have to the business. This convention is used for two reasons; first, to get away from technology for technologies sake. And second, to provide a laypersons view into why the technology is important. The business value section answers the c-level question, "What's the value of doing this?"

Course concept map edit

This concept map shows the content covered by this resource. The concept map is a work in progress as it will be added to as the course continues as suggested by the Agile Instructional Design methodology.

Table of Contents edit

Related Badges edit

Mobile Web Application Badges - a set of badges awarded for demonstrating mastery of the different sections within this book.