Lunar Boom Town/Task Requests

Role Playing Referees Now Needed Edit

  • DARPA funds dispenser. - Fixed annual budget for various applications. You compare the merit of grant requests and allocate as fairly and wisely as possible either arbitrarily or increasingly based upon DARPA's actual public priorities.
  • Venture Capital Fund managers - Review proposals and then invest funds or feedback as you feel best. Perhaps later as more data collects and some automation is possible we can make this into an actual investment opportunity where micromanagers are actually attempting to manage small investments. Might set it up with play money or stock option exchanges, etc. Some further research into coalition licensing is necessary before feasibility can be contemplated.

Role Play Methods to Create Mission Checklists, Operational Scenarios, and Scripts Edit

1 Desired: Role play methods to create mission checklists and use formal diagnostics tracking to index and resolve outstanding issues and bugs.

Proposal: Envision a play mode of a Dungeon Master laying out a role playing chunks in parallel with approximately geared synchonizers. At first we will link the video game with manual interface points but soon I hope we will have intelligent objects in virtual space interconnected to teleoperation consoles and sensor nets.

I am currently preparing a cargo run to the moon with my remote nephew to create data for intelligent objects useful in cisLunarFreighterCargo_Imports Mirwin 14:26, 27 November 2007 (UTC)
Completed a distributed session of JFreerails (an independent free game available for use as a component, has compatible GPL licence) with my sister 40, (myself 47), nephew (7) playing two different simultaneous games on South America map. Neither remote location interacting with sourceforge interlock?exchange would spawn a network server so we could play same game. Both machines (mike workshop), (zanny on mothers system, probably on 4x4ft coffeetable already designed lunar rental bungalow in future sessions. Had one session failure {insert link to bug analysis and report here}
Feedback for freerails developers. The long delay (estimate half second?) between clicking on the object in graphical interface was disconcerting to me and made activities difficult but I ultimately found it an effective compromise at this time. One simply cannot expect instantaneous response from anything to do with massive equipment such as trains. Sister really liked the five speed settings. more later. Also, this will be useful in prototyping teleoperation of space equipment from Earth. Need special settings for distant locations such as Mars ... delay is about 30 minutes?

Set up a Registration Process Edit

For example: Virtual Airport. A commercially defunct game that has been volunteered into the commons when effort becomes available to port 3DSMax models into the commons via sourceforfe or other online file managment service in appropriate formats applicable to Blender, Art of Illusion, Gimp, or other free/open source CGI (computer generated imagery) tools.

How registration works both for and against us. Mirwin 10:30, 28 November 2007 (UTC) early participant Please may I have an early game disk?

yes, I have some components I will sent to you if you register now Mirwin 10:30, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

thanks mister!

thank you for doing me this favor over and out Mirwin 10:30, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

Various possibilities: No,yes but, maybe, maybe not, why?, why not?

Pay somebody X when received convincing arguments online that parent is willing to accept legal responsibilites for child and accept package. ----> VAP CD Parent acknowledges that all reasonal precautions have been taken that anybody can figure out to accomplish will only voluntees and agrees to sporadically review ongoing ethical analysis discussions or finding or recertify every 2 weeks etc.

Trick is the loop equations must all resolve though various logic checking we program into the system. In worst case the community trust metrics raise and fall tripping various relays that mandate certain things happen or else teams, events, etc. can and will shutdown with ripple impacts as far reaching as is profitable to calculate and pursue. Obviously the exchanges and the idicators used will be critical to the entire community.

Random Thoughts regarding Task Assignments Edit

  1. Task Assignment Exchange
  • tied into advogato style trust metric --- owners of facilities and other vested parties automatically ripple trust out from core group of seeds started but not finished with ... although with enough seeds somebody will find a spot they like and become a fixture. If cannot overthrow then must fork and tailor and develop own capability not steal somebody else's life
  • exchange vows in incremented negotiations until boundary conditions are met and a proposal is accepted and acknowledge by all core participants with at least a heads up to other effected parties.
  • work through various mechanisms and start at nanolevel including pieces anybody can manage if they want to