Lunar Boom Town/Draft Game Concepts

Educational Free Games Edit

  • Lunar Lander Basic[1] For Top Guns[2] - Allows player to develop intuitive understanding of the difficulties of airless flight in a variety of gravity fields. Useful in various role playing activities. For example it is useful for culminating planning a cargo run to the moon. After doing the planning to load a lunar lander a participant may be asked to land on the moon successfully before proceeding to the simulated setup of the business venture on the lunar surface. Allows the player and associated team to understand why professional astronauts may be required and it may be better to contract out the landing rather than do it in-house. Other free aviatian and space games available at Squadron Thirteen.[3]
  • Virtual Airport - The lead of a Virtual Modeler product line which never reached market. Now available upon request from user:mirwin, subject to availability of funding for postage. Eventually to be hosted for free download at a free file management service such as sourceforge along with the associated models, sets, and graphics files used in its creation. This game was intended for younger audiences to provide a virtual model building experience easy for parents to quickly clean up by shutting down the application on the computer. Could be used to allow younger team players to build critical components (such as hysters, aircraft, etc.) needed by other role players in assembling their spaceport layouts or mission plans.
  • Asteroids
  • Xpilot
  • JFreerails[4] Java version operational and playable over web via javastart. Need a spaceport to interface with cisLunarFreighter and Lunar Boom Town. Meanwhiile can do so manually by specifying a town with intended spaceport and requiring team to transport a specified manifest of rail car loads to that town prior to launch of lunar boom town cargo flight or business venture. Or assume spaceport has spacecraft manufacturing capability and specify requirements to support factory workers and spacecraft materials requirements as they fabricate your venture's recyclable cargo spacecraft for lunar delivery to lunar assembly teams.
  • The Urquan Masters [5] - An open source port by permission of producers of the smash commercial hit "Star Control 2". Although it is an interstellar game and thus appears far removed from present reality ... it has an excellent economic model. Players must gather resources; buy and build technologies, ship components, and ships; while avoiding combative computer players or defeating them in subordinate first person shooter matches. Easily adapted to role playing to illustrate the importance of preliminary planning prior to mission launch. An example of use might be requirement for a teenager to get to a specific star system with specific technologies and ship configuration or component assets prior to beginning next phase of role playing scenario.
  • Breakout Theme Cargo Raiders V1.0[6]. Might be useful to find out how much cargo pirates steal from cisLunarFreighter player while they are getting away from pirate base at Saturn.

Educational Simulations Edit

  • Space Traffic Control A manual for how pilots and controllers should communicated in a role playing charade or operational scenario. Based upon international flight standards could be useful in assembling inflight emergency procedures or carrying extended operational scenarios with greater realism than might otherwise be the case.
  • One might wonder what interest the Lunar Boom Town residents have in a Mars simulation. Several of the likely triggers for a rush to create lunar settlements involve acting as suppliers for a U.S.G. NASA Mars Mission, Aldrin Cyclers necessary to support mass tourism and settlement of Mars. A lunar boom town will of necessity be interfaced with the rest of the Solar System's economy. Also this simulation is open/free source and written in Java. Might be some very useful components of code which can be reused in various Lunar Boom Town projects or activities. Mirwin 19:18, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

Role Playing or Imagineering Edit

Use a tent or bunk bed space along with pillows, boxes, etc. to simulate packing one of your business venture's cargo run. Cargo run contracted from Lunar Boom Town/Cargo Imports.

I have undertaken a tourist rental cabin setup with my nephew. Some data scanned and available online soon as I decide what and where to put the data products. Site map at Hadley Rille. Cargo manifest including location grid within cargo hold. Yet to do is mass estimates and distribution. Some discussion of fundamental chemical processes as we try to decide on expendable supplies and feul and structure composition of our expendable/recyclable cargo vehicle.Cargo_Imports Mirwin 20:39, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

Incremental space colonization Edit

A moon colonization game, that is not just a game. The first of successively more and more serious simulations. Start with a game, because its easier. Launchers are too expensive, the strategy is to first build incrementally a remotely controlled industrial outpost. Meaning, a few remotely controlled robots and machine tools will be send, they will build a little mining and manufacturing industry, to build everything else. When the outpost breaks even, it starts building facilities for future human colonists, they come at the very end in a one way ticket, never to return to earth. The whole point, is to minimize launching stuff from earth.

Software Libre Game Engines Edit