Introduction to psychology/Psy102/Overview


Psy102 is a first-year undergraduate introductory psychology unit which was taught by James Neill, University of Canberra, July-Nov., 2009, with some materials free and open to all.

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Unit description edit

This unit provides an overview of the following introductory topics in psychology:

  1. motivation,
  2. sensation and perception,
  3. variations in consciousness,
  4. intelligence,
  5. cognitive processes,
  6. therapies,
  7. learning,
  8. social processes,
  9. intercultural and
  10. indigenous psychology.

This unit is the second part of an Introduction to psychology sequence (see Psy101).

Learning outcomes edit

On successful completion of this unit it is expected that students will be familiar with some of the major topics in psychology and be able to demonstrate knowledge of theory and research related to these topics. It is also expected that students will be able to communicate about behaviour and mental processes in a format acceptable for psychological writing.

Workload edit

The nominal expected workload is 150 hours (including in-class time, out-of-class study time, and assessment tasks).

Assessment edit

Assessment consists of:

  1. Essay (45%)
  2. Final exam (45%)
  3. Fortnightly quizzes (10%)
  4. Bonus marks (5%).

Yes, that could add up to 105% if you get the bonus marks!  

Textbooks edit

  1. Gerrig, R. J., Zimbardo, P. G., Campbell, A. J., Cumming, S. R., & Wilkes, F. J. (2008). Psychology and life (Australian edition). Sydney: Pearson Education Australia.
  2. Smyth, T. R. (2004). The principles of writing in psychology. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Help/Support edit

For learning support, contact James Neill and/or post to the unit's talk pages.