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The "Name Game" edit

It is common for a teacher to go around the room and ask each student to say his or her name. Since this is the first class of the course, we may ask the students to say their names, but also to name an example of a real-world use for robotics. Students should give specific examples of actual robots, not vague examples. For instance a student should say "The Mars Rover" instead of "A robot that drives a car".

As an additional exercise, have the student say their name, an example of a robot, and then repeat the name and example from the previous 5 students.

Introduction to the Course edit

If you have a syllabus, you should give one copy to each student. You should tell in advance when all the quizzes and tests will be, and how the final grade for the course will be computed. You may choose to use the example Syllabus.

SI Units edit

This can be displayed to the students to try and refamiliarize themselves with some of the units. Students should be familar with the first 3 already, although many of them will not be familiar with Amps or Volts. We will discuss both in a later lecture. The students should have a more comprehensive list of units in a printed handout, but this is the most important list right now.

Common Units
Unit of length
Unit of mass
Unit of time
Ampere (Amp)
Unit of current
Unit of electric potential
Unit of electrical resistance
Unit of power

Most students should be familar with SI prefixes. This handout will help the students to refresh on them. Students should have a handout with the various prefixes on it. This visual aide will only have a small number of prefixes that are common in the lab and literature.

Common Prefixes
1000n 10n Prefix Symbol Value
10003 109 giga- G 1 000 000 000
10002 106 mega- M 1 000 000
10001 103 kilo- k 1 000
10000 100 (none) (none) 1
1000−2/3 10−2 centi- c 0.01
1000−1 10−3 milli- m 0.001
1000−2 10−6 micro- µ 0.000 001
1000−3 10−9 nano- n 0.000 000 001

Robots edit

BoeBots edit