Introduction to Robotics/Example Syllabus

This page is going to serve as an example of a syllabus. Instructors should fill in the details according to their own policies and timeframes.

Book and ResourcesEdit

Grading and AttendanceEdit



Part 1 Fundamentals of RoboticsEdit

1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals of Robot Technology, Programming, and Applications

Part 2 Robot Technology: The Robot and its PeripheralsEdit

3. Control Systems and Components 4. Robot Motion Analysis and Control 5. Robot End Effectors 6. Sensors in Robotics 7. Machine Vision

Part 3 Robot Programming and LanguagesEdit

8. Robot Programming 9. Robot Languages 10. Artificial Intelligence

Part 4 Applications Engineering for ManufacturingEdit

11. Robot Cell Design and Control 12. Economic Analysis for Robotics

Part 5 Robot Applications in ManufacturingEdit

13. Material Transfer and Machine Loading/Unloading 14. Processing Operations 15. Assembly and Inspection

Part 6 Implementation Principles and IssuesEdit

16. An Approach for Implementing Robotics 17. Safety, Training, Maintenance, And Quality

Part 7 Social Issues and the Future of RoboticsEdit

18. Social and Labor Issues 19. Robotics Technology of the Future 20. Future Applications