Data or variables that are being sent to another block of code
Code Block
A section of code that can usually be pointed to or called from another section
Lines that are ignored by the compiler or interpreter that allow the programmer to explain code that may otherwise be confusing
See comments
A series of instructions or actions performed repeatedly until a condition becomes true.
A system of binary decisions that lead to specific code blocks to be executed.
A way of organizing code so that related tasks are completed together thus allowing code to be re-used, or called from other code areas.
Procedure Call
Where one block of code is executed within another. This technique can be used as a way to prevent redundancy and optimize code execution
A way of describing an algorithm using programming conventions in plain English rather than code.


A fundamental programming construct; it involves a condition followed by actions to be performed whether the condition is true or not.


A collection of instructions or actions with are performed in a specific order.