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Latin 101 Syllabus edit

Course Syllabus

The goals of this course are as follows: 1) to provide a competent introduction to Latin grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc.; 2) to provide some knowledge of Ancient Rome, its culture and history; 3) to have fun while learning an historical and ancient language, one that has had an enormous impact on the world!

The course will be divided into lessons in which core material and exercises will be given. Additional information (ie - translation exercises, history anecdotes, etc.) will be given in units that accompany the lessons.

Sample quizzes and tests will be provided at the ends of lesson series. If any of you actually take the quizzes/tests and wish for them to be graded, feel free to contact one of the teachers (I'm hoping more will join soon) and one of us will help you out.

Also if you need more exercises (since it might be the case that there aren't enough exercises to satisfy your hunger for Latin), send a message to a teacher. We'll help you out.

On that note, feel free to ask questions and send inquiries about confusing concepts, or anything else that pertains to Latin or the Classical World.

Introduction edit

Alphabet and Pronunciation

Simple Grammatical Concepts

Feel free to use for any research. All materials are legally obtained or created by the webmaster. It's a great resource for 1st-5th year Latin students.

Unit 1 edit

Lesson 1: Intro to Latin Verbs

Lesson 2a: First Declension Nouns and Adjectives

Lesson 2b: Apposition; Some Other Extra Information

Lesson 3: Second Declension Nouns and Adjectives

Lesson 4: Second Declension Neuters; To Be; -er Adjectives

Lesson 4b: A Little Grammar; Substantives

Lesson 5: Future and Imperfect of 1st/2nd Conjugations

Lesson 5b: A Few Quotes, Some Useful Vocabulary, and Some Linguistics

Translation Passage 1

Test 1

Unit 2 edit

This unit and subsequent units will be completed following the completion of unit 1.

Coordinators edit


Resources edit

  • [1] - free downloadable Latin and Greek textbooks
  • [2] - free Latin texts from Classical to Ecclesiastical to Neo-Latin

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