Creating dynamic webpages

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Web Design Creating dynamic webpages
This page is part of the Web Design project.
Original image: 'Web2.0 - extended mindcloudmap' by: Markus Angermeier
"This unit defines the competency required to build active or dynamic web pages."

Basically, that means ... (translate above into plain english)

You can read more about this unit on the National Training Information Systems Official document for ICAB5165A.

This unit forms part of the following qualifications:

How this unit will help you edit

After learning and applying the skills required by this unit you'll be able to demonstrate your skills in:

1. Prepare the technical environment
  1. Check that development environment and server software is available and accessible
2. Create dynamic pages
  1. Create pages using appropriate language and save with the correct extension
3. Add functions to dynamic pages
  1. Declare and use variables and arrays according to requirements and if necessary variable types
4. Test and sign off dynamic pages
  1. Save pages to correct location on server with required extension
  • translate the above elements and performance criteria into plain english and summarise here...

Ideas for learning the required skills edit


Ideas for demonstrating this unit edit

The best way to demonstrate these skills is ...

Grading edit

If you are demonstrating this unit as part of a formal course, you might find that the unit is graded (meaning you can not only demonstrate your competence, but can also gain a credit or distinction). Your facilitator may already have set criteria that your college uses. If not, here are some ideas for possible credit/distinction activities that you can discuss with your facilitator:

  • Creating and using custom PHP functions
  • Utilising PHP's built in session functionality
  • Advanced functionality such as a shopping cart
  • Integrating AJAX calls to your database for your website.

Notes and discrepancies edit

  • ...

Web Design Creating dynamic webpages
This page is part of the Web Design project.