The Humane Quality is a component part of the Human Psyche (the Soul) that gives us a platform for Virtue. It can be thought of as a social singularity shared within a context of Mercy. The Collective Theology that has distilled itself into a colloidal constant provides a definition of both Quality, in terms of the Human Condition, and Quantity, in terms of the member_count for the Household of Faith. (Faith: the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen)

Perspectives edit

From a Theological perspective, topics dealing with Humane aspects of Humanity, give us reason to ponder that which is Beyond Reason or out-of-scope for those who adhere to strict logical guidelines. Kicking a dog, for example is considered a cruel and inhuman act. (exhibiting an in-humane quality). Mistreating a slave (though presumably, none exist today, at least in the so-called Free World]) is an even greater form of Malfeasance. For most qualified humans, such an act is imponderable, reprehensible, Beyond Logic and essentially an aspect of Defying Reason.

Defying Reason edit

Computer systems that do not accommodate the Humane Quality are in violation of a simple, time-honored rule:

  • That which serves is not greater than that which it serves.

Topic:User Interfaces Topic:User Interfaces that are too cryptic for normal users are not worthy to be called User Interfaces. Even from an Atheistic point-of-view, Kicking a dog or mistreating a slave, as a matter-of-logic, is generally construed as a misdeed that could lead to an Ethical Dilimma.

In terms of a study of the Humanities, and are the only ways of bringing to light, the problems manifest when a few "bad apples" concede to failure to exhibit the Humane Quality in their daily activities, online and off. This essay is presented as an appeal to all.