Here is where learning and research related to homelessness can take place.

Research and discussion questions edit

  • How can homelessness be reduced?
  • What are the best methods of reducing homelessness?
  • What could be done to reduce housing costs?
Perhaps zoning that encourages lower construction costs, and small more affordable homes may help to lower housing costs.

Position statements edit

  •   Argument Local governments and residents should contribute more to the homeless to get them back on their feet. Short term housing is a critical factor that local governments and charities can help with providing more options and room for the homeless. With introducing a new program for housing, this can help reduce homelessness. Additionally, some homeless are stuck in a loop of health or legal issues and they should be prioritized to have primary care access. With their struggles, it is difficult for the homeless to obtain a job because of their status. A list of companies whose wages are low, should be provided to the homeless so they have a better chance at landing a job.

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