Political science

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Political Science, in rudimentary terms, is the study of power. It is considered a social science and is interdisciplinary by nature. Its interconnectedness to many other fields and must be viewed, compared and contrasted though each relative field in order to fully understand the subject matter.

Political Science relates to the way humans will organize themselves into a working society that is in the interest of the public good. By doing this, the society will advance and benefit as a whole through a process known as collective action, and will be able to live fairly and justly. Political Science observes many aspects of how societies accomplish this goal through four major fields of study. In addition, these fields are usually studies along with other relative fields such as: w:Anthropology, w:Economics, w:Geography, w:Religion, w:Philosophy, w:Psychology, and w:Sociology.

Political Theory edit

The field of Political Theory is one of the four major fields in the study of Political Science. It will explore and analyze the philosophy by which a society has chosen to organize its government, construct its laws, and achieve its desired goals (Political, Economic, or Social). Political Theorists do not compare and contrast which theories are better than others. Political Theorists simply compare and contrast different political theories, and see how well they meet the needs of the people and the goals for which this theory was created so that it may accomplish.

Government & Politics edit

The field of Government & Politics is one of the four major fields in the study of Political Science. It explores the product(s) of political theories on people and nations. When studying Government & Politics, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of how a society is meant to function under the laws and institutions they have created. Many government types are explored, but only briefly. Depending on the country a student is in, this field is dominated by an in-depth analysis of that country's government and political structure.

Comparative Politics edit

The field of Comparative Politics is one of the four major fields in the study of Political Science. Unlike the field of Government & Politics, in comparitive politics, students are usually given two or more types of governments and asked to conduct an in-depth analysis on how each form of government is either beneficial for the people, or a burden on the people, as well as see how well each government type does in yielding the desired goals for society.

International Politics edit

The field of International Politics is one of the four major fields in the study of Political Science. This field is considered quite new when compared to all other fields in Political Science. However, International Politics dates back to Ancient Greece and the relationship the individual city-states had between themselves. This field looks at how societies form governments that must work and cooperate to coexist with other governments of other societies in an increasingly international community. Such topics include: International Law, International Relations, International Organization, Global Political Economy, and Foreign Policy.

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