History of Quebec and Canada/Study Guide/Topic 3: Jean Talon's Policies

what are were some of the major policies brought in by Intendant Jean Talon in order to increase population growth  ?

Jean Talon was appointed Intendant of New France (1665-l672) by King Louis XIV. During this period, the population of the colony doubled from 3215 in 1666 to more than 7000 in 1672. New France's population increased through immigration and a high birth rate.

Immigration Policies Three types of immigrants settled in New France:

Les filles du roi about 900 orphan girls sent over by the King because of the shortage of women in the colony. In 1666, when the first census was taken, there was one woman for every sixteen men in the colony.

Soldiers who came with the Carignan-Salières Regiment were offered free land after having completed their military service.

Les engagés(hired workers) who agreed to come and work in New France for 3 years.

Between 1663 and 1670, about 2500 immigrants settled in New France. However, New France did not attract many immigrants because of the cold climate, fear of Iroquois attacks and a long, difficult trip from France. Furthermore, France was not interested in depopulating her own population in order to populate the colony. Consequently most of New France's population growth stemmed from a high birth rate.

What were some of the major initatives enacted by Intendant Jean Talon in order to increase population growth in New France ?

Birth Rate

To increase the birth rate in the colony Intendant Talon initiated a series of measures to encourage large families and rapid population growth.

If boys aged 21 or girls aged 17 were not married, their father was fined.

A native woman who married a Canadian received a dowry.

Families with 10 or more children received an annual allowance.

School was free for the 26th child in the family.

bachelors were fined and not allowed to take part in the fur trade


In 1681, New France's population was 10,000. By l760, it had increased to 70,000.