History of Quebec and Canada/Study Guide

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History of Quebec and Canada Study Guide

This guide has been prepared for Quebec High School students enrolled in the Secondary IV History of Quebec and Canada Course. Topics emphasized in these courses include the French empire in America, Canadian society under the French regime, the Conquest and the early days of British rule, the beginnings of responsible government, Quebec and Confederation, industrial development, and contemporary Quebec.

How to use the Study Guide

1-Go through each of the Lessons in History starting with Module 1.

2-Complete the Topic Test Questions at the end of each topic and the Synthesis Test Questions at the end of each Module.

3-Go back over the Lesson until you're able to answer the questions.

4-Once you have completed the Module, test yourself with the Self Scoring Module Tests.

5-If you're still having trouble, try the Test+Tutorial , where you can get "hints" and references to the correct answers.

Lessons in History