High School (9-12) Standards

This is an educational standards resource.
Educational level: this is a secondary education resource.

Purpose edit

The purpose of this page is to describe international standards for Secondary Education (9th-12th Grades, High School) by pulling together resources from across the web and also link to resources such as curricula and individual lessons.

The goal is to lay out a map of knowledge to let parents, teachers, and students know what students should learn and to help them know whether the students learned it. Perhaps this will lead to a fully free and online curriculum.

Multiple sources of curricula will be allowed here because there are differing ideas about what should be learned at various levels, and different perceived needs in different states and different countries.

Information on standardized tests/college entrance tests might also be referenced (if distinguished from institutional standards).

Standards by subject and grade level (regardless of country/state) edit

Resources edit

Curriculum Materials from Various Sources edit

We only include links here to educational institutions that provide substantial details about their curriculum. Particular attention is paid to the license on the materials because the intent is to copy, remix, and republish the material. Information from Non-Free sources may be used, studied, and referred to, but they may not be copied and/or modified.

Standards from different countries are also welcome for integration.

For interest's sake, here is a ranking of public schools by state to possibly help us prioritize our search for curriculum materials.

Liberal Sources (Free for Non-Commercial Use or possibly other purposes) edit

Sources With Unknown Restrictions edit

Restrictive Sources (Non-Free) edit

Commercial Sources, Presumed Non-Free edit

State Departments of Education Without a Published Curriculum That We Could Find edit

Accredited Commercial Curricula edit

  • http://www.abeka.com/ - A seller of an *accredited* grade school curriculum for use in private schools or in home schooling.

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