Helping Give Away Psychological Science/UNC Speaker Series

Since 2018, HGAPS has had the privilege of hosting over [---] professionals from varied academic and clinical backgrounds within the field of psychology to present short talks to undergraduate students, graduate students, community members, and clinicians both within the UNC Chapel Hill community and beyond. Many of these presentations have been recorded and posted to the HGAPS YouTube channel, further expanding our audience and international impact. Our speaker series features both virtual and in-person talks on the UNC Campus, typically consisting of four events per academic year. These events are made possible through funding from the UNC Student Government Association, with the HGAPS UNC undergraduate president and treasurer typically applying for grants two or more times per academic year.

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HGAPS New for Fall 2022: HGAPS and Psychology Conferences
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HGAPS is finding new ways to make psychological science conferences more accessible!

Here are examples from APA 2022 and the JCCAP Future Directions Forum. Coming soon... ABCT!
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HGAPS' University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chapter's Speaker Series
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  • Dr. Erica Wise, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Amanda Jensen-Doss, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Andrea Young, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Sophia Choukas-Bradley, Ph.D.