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Dalai Lama & Bishop Tutu

Old age can be a time of self-fulfillment and happiness. But it must be lived properly. Most people have the possibility to live themselves the first time in their lives. But they misunderstand self-realization as the way of acting out the external needs. Living the external needs is for a short time of interest, but in the long run, it's rather unsatisfactory. It does not really make you happy in the depths of your soul.

At old age, inner happiness must be cultivated. The path of inner happiness is extremely necessary. Old age often brings energy loss, disease, meaninglessness, and many external problems. The nerves get weaker, and the inner positive declines. At the old age it is necessary to make exercises every day to maintain the physical health and to strengthen the inner happiness.

1. Practice the five principles of health. Healthy eating (raw vegetables and fruit every day), avoiding unhealthy substances (drugs, alcohol, smoking, too much eating), doing sports (walking, jogging, swimming, yoga), positive thinking and meditating.

2. Do sports every day for one hour. Go walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, or do intensive yoga. Visit a health center or have an exercise bike. Sweat once a day and the illness goes away.

3. Read a spiritual book one hour a day. There are many good books who can inspire you on your way of inner happiness. Reading is the best trainer for a positive mind. Control your negative thoughts. Find positive sentences. Start every day with a positive vision.

4. Do yoga and meditation every day for one hour. Awaken your enlightenment energy. Calm your mind and he becomes positive. Find the spiritual exercise which are helpful for you. You can have every positive religion or philosophy you want, but you must practice it to get bliss.

5. Have a hobby. Life becomes positive, if we live with a deeper goal like enlightenment, God or doing good. Live as a world saver and help every day with your possibilities. Find your place and your task of doing good. Live in the energy of love. Do so much good that you get the feeling, that you are a mother or father of the world.

6. Have some friends. You can find friends in the internet, in spiritual and in social organisations. Meet one or more people regularly. Have a nice time together. Life is happy, if we have some friends.

7. Don´t fear of dying. Your spiritual exercises will help you to get through. Meditate, pray or think a mantra (Om, the name of an enlightened master or of God). After your death you will earn the great benefit of your spiritual old age. You will go into a dimension of light, peace and love.

8. Motivate yourself every day. In the old age thinking normally becomes negative. It isn't easy to get the motivation to do spiritual exercise every day. Find a way to get the power to live a positive life. Start the day with spiritual music or reading.

Yoga Walking edit


Yoga Walking is enlightenment while walking. This is the ultimate kick! This is health training, stress reduction and inner happiness in one. Yoga Walking is your daily pilgrimage into the light. If you really pilgrimage, the pilgrimage will you turn into a god of happiness. Go first rather quickly (power walking) and at the end rather slowly (slow walking).

1. When walking, stomp your anger into the ground. Let all the pent-up anger out. Think the mantra "Anger, Anger, Anger ..." What annoyed you today? Free yourself!

2. Solve them when walking your sadness. Feel in your sadness inside. What makes you sad today? Think several times the mantra: "I'm sad because ..."

3. Shoulders rotate. Solve the tension in your shoulders and your neck. In what way do you have to move the shoulders so that you achieve a good effect?

4. Spine rotation. Turn yourself when walking several times in the spine to the right and to the left. Also turn the head with.

5. Massage a healing color from head to foot in your body, and think the color name as a mantra. What color do you need now? "Orange, blue, gold, pink, red ..."

6. Concentrate when walking on the ground. Feel the earth. Think the mantra "Earth" and breathe a minute into your feet.

7. Move one hand and send a person a positive sentence. What do you want to say to him today? Think the phrase several times as a mantra. Send light to the world and think: "May all beings be happy. May the world be happy."

8. Imagine the numbers 1 to 20 in the head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, and the ground (beneath the feet). Solve like so every day quickly and effectively the tensions in all major areas of the body.

9. Visualize a beautiful sun in the sky and clothe yourself with a golden ray of sunshine. Fill you with light and think many times the word "Light" as a mantra.

10. Stop all thoughts. Move five minutes when walking all the stress out of you, until your mind becomes calm.

11. Walk freely. Let all thoughts come and go as they want. Go the way you feel you want to do. Enjoy it. Observe how your mind becomes slowly positive. You are now back from your pilgrimage into the light. You did an important fact for your physical health and your mental well-being. Keep your happiness. The light will accompany you through your whole day.

12. Never give up. Your sense of life is to be happy, healthy and enlightened.

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