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A good family strengthen us in our life.

In modern times we are experiencing a breakdown of families. The normal case is separation, strife, selfishness and aggression. Education is hardly taking place. The education is taken over from the television. It educates children predominantly to negative values. TV children make their parents, their fellow men and himself a hard time. They follow the false ideology of the outer happiness and thereby destroy their inner happiness and the happiness of their family.

Families lack the path of inner happiness. The basis of a happy family are positive values. These positive values must be fostered and promoted. This is in today's life no easy task. Most people are influenced by the negative values of television. A positive life in a predominantly secular society requires of us daily inner work. A wise education is neither too harsh nor too freely. It sets clear boundaries and gives the child at the same time sufficient space for self-determination. In the long term the goal is to let the child find his own way, yet also assume the responsibility as a parent to a positive upbringing.

1. Find a family vision. Describe family goals and dreams.

2. A happy family depends on teamwork. Create rules in your familiy.

3. Foster positive values. The most important values are love, wisdom, selfdiscipline, inner peace and happiness.

4. Work with a spiritual role model. Ultimately, the model gives us the strength to go a long-term path of positive life. Most people need the inspiration of a positive role model (Buddha, Jesus, the vision of a world of love, the vision of paradies, the vision of enlightenment, living in God). Each model includes positive stories. Often it is the stories that make a child related to a particular model.

5. Spiritual people are happier than unspiritual persons.

The greatest gift edit

Christian Family in America

The greatest gift we can give our children is a spiritual upbringing. We give them the knowledge of the path of inner happiness. We make them masters of life. We empower them to a happy and positive life.

A wise education is neither too harsh nor too freely. It sets clear boundaries and gives the child the same time a sufficient space of self-determination. The goal is to let the child long-term find his own way, but at the same time we live our responsibility as parents to a positive upbringing.

Each family can find their own form of spirituality. They can find their own spiritual ledger (their core doctrine), their own role models and their own rituals (daily exercise). They may develop a form of spirituality, with which they feel comfortable and that suits the family.

In our spiritual practice it is important that we keep in touch with our inner truth. The daily practice should not be an empty ritual. We can often creative find new words and try new exercises, so the feeling is real. Only true feelings cause spiritual growth. Only mantras with true emotional involvement lead us to self-realization.

Mother Teresa taught: "Children are the greatest gift of God." Buddha instructed all spiritual people: "Gather yourselves together. Gather together often and in unity. Be mindful of your thoughts. Love your fellow man in works, words and thoughts. As long as you abide by these rules, it is likely that you will come forward and do not have to worry about your life. "

Lasting happiness exists. The great treasure of spiritual knowledge exists. There are the sacred books in which the spiritual path is described in detail. There are the enlightened masters who help us from a higher dimension. Let our family and ourselves get the blessings of spirituality. May we never lose our spiritual path. May all people be happy. May the world be happy.