Google/SketchUp 6, review

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Filmmaking Software Review for Narrative Film Production
This is an extremely unusual program which can be useful for pre-visualization in filmmaking.
Review by Robert Elliott

Google's Free SketchUp 6

Google purchase SketchUp and then released two new versions. One is the free SketchUp version 6 and the other is the professional version (not free) SketchUp Pro 6
This program is unusual. It is very exacting but highly unintuitive. This takes a bit of getting used to but once you do understand how it works, it is extremely powerful as a 3D sketching tool.
Other confused programs
Other programs which take a long time to learn are often confusing because the authors of the program are confused and not too bright. (PageMaker is an example of a program which works well but is awkward to learn because the authors of the program were never typesetters. Apple's Logic is another program which is a hopeless mess because the authors added on to it without fixing the previous parts.)
The authors of SketchUp
Not so with SketchUp. The authors of SketchUp are extremely bright and very focused. However, the design that they came up with is not what the average person will call intuitive. Even people who have used many other sophisticated computer programs will be very confused by this program.
Very rewarding challenge
Think of SketchUp as a computer puzzle game. You must put on your thinking cap to master this program. Fortunately, your time and effort will not be wasted. Every step you learn allows you to be more productive with the program.
The challenge
The authors of SketchUp realize they have a problem educating people how to use this program. Therefore, the program comes with a huge number of very sophisticated learning aides. This is by far, the best example of a well designed instructions for any program I have ever seen.
Five Stars
If you can master this program, you will find it very useful and fun. If you do not master this program, it can be total pain.
Highly recommended
Since it is free, it is worth downloading immediately and trying. If you like the way it works, you will be extremely happy with this program. If you don't then you are not out anything.
SketchUp's uses for film students
  • Pre-visualization of movie sets
  • 3D Storyboarding
  • Having fun!!!
  • Five Stars
The program is extremely unique.
Program Information

Name: Google SketchUp 6
Developer: Google
Genre: 3D Quick Draw
Operating System: Macintosh OS X, Windows
Storyboarding with Google SketchUp 6
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Unusual perspective
More later...
Bottom Line

I highly recommend this program. More later... Robert Elliott 21:09, 18 March 2007 (UTC)