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Lesson #009: Selecting the models for the animated version

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Parental Warning: Possible Nudity.

Who DAZ ? edit

Zyogote (the father of DAZ 3D) created the models for Poser 3 and Poser 4.

DAZ has a free digital puppet animation program called "DAZ Studio".

DAZ has free figures for DAZ Studio.

Therefore, DAZ is a good place to start our search for digital puppets for the 3D storyboards and the animated movie.

Where DAZ edit

DAZ has two related website with various levels (mostly designed to confuse people, I think).

Start by looking at the main DAZ website at | Notice the two links to the FREE DAZ Studio and the FREE versions of Michael and Victoria.

Download DAZ Studio edit

To start, download the DAZ Studio User Manual PDF (3.77 MB).

Then, if you wish and if you have lots of disk space and a very powerful computer, you can download DAZ Studio. Notice that there are both downloads for Hi-Bandwidth and Low-Bandwidth. About 70 MB. Notice that they have had over of 211,000 downloads.