Facilitating Online/Your course blog

Set up or use an existing blog for this course. Your blog will represent your online presence and efforts, and will be a key communication tool. Your finished blog will be used as evidence for assessment.

Use the topics, read the material, complete all tasks, participate in events, and post notes to your blog for each topic in the schedule. You should also post progress reports on your assignments. Title and tag your posts so that facilitators, assessors and other participants can easily locate your work. The common tag word for the course is FOC09. To keep up with the contributions of other participants, you may wish to set up an (RSS) news reader and subscribe to their blogs. This will assist you in learning from the work of others.

Your blogging should demonstrate your understanding of the topics, tasks and events, and should include original thoughts, synthesis and references to the work of others. Don't just summarize readings or events. Making connections between the weekly topics, or previous blogging (of your own or of other participants) is strongly encouraged.