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Bibliographies and other works containing bibliographic information edit

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Continental Europe

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South America

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Law library catalogues

  • Catalogue of the Library of the Inner Temple. 1806. 1821. 1833. 1843.
  • A Catalogue of the Library of the Middle Temple. 1845. Part 1: [29] [30] [31]. Part 2: [32].
    • Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manuscripts in the Library of the Middle Temple. 1863.
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Library law department catalogues

  • Catalogue of the State Library of Iowa: Law Department. 1889. [42] [43] [44]
  • Catalogue of the California State Library: Law Department. 1886. [45]

Bookseller's catalogues

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Bookseller's periodicals

  • Quillets of the Law (1878 to 1881) [62]
    • The Law Book Bulletin. [Little, Brown and Company's Law Book Bulletin]. (continuation of "Quillets of the Law") [63]

Periodicals about law librarianship and legal bibliography

  • Law Library Journal (1908 onwards) AALL
  • The Law Librarian (1970 onwards) BIALL
  • Canadian Law Libraries (1990 onwards)
  • Australian Law Librarian
  • New Zealand Law Librarian [64]
    • New Zealand Law Librarians' Group Newsletter. [65] [66]
  • Commonwealth Law Librarian (1992 to 1993) [67]
  • Caribbean Law Librarian (1984 to 1986) [68]. Replaced by Caribbean Journal of Legal Information.
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  • Annual Legal Bibliography (1961 to 1981) Harvard Law School Library, 21 volumes
    • Current Legal Bibliography (1960 onwards) monthly supplement
  • Law Book Review Digest and Current Legal Bibliography (October 1931 to January 1932) 4 issues

Works containing discussion of the contents, merits, etc., of some or all of the publications they list

Catalogues, etc., which do not provide commentary on the publications they list

Encylopedias edit

See w:List of encyclopedias by branch of knowledge#Law and w:Category:Encyclopedias of law. General encyclopedias may be relevant; see w:List of encyclopedias.

  • Green's Encyclopaedia of the Law of Scotland [74]

South Africa

  • The Law of South Africa. Butterworths. Commentary: [75]

Australia and New Zealand

See "Australia and New Zealand"

New Zealand

See Encyclopedias of New Zealand law

Dictionaries edit

See w:Law dictionary and w:Category:Law dictionaries

Quotations edit

See q:Category:Law and government

  • Norton-Kyshe. The Dictionary of Legal Quotations. 1904.
  • McNamara. Ragbag of Legal Quotations. Review: [76]
  • Cook. A Treasury of Legal Quotations. Review: [77]
  • James and Stebbings. A Dictionary of Legal Quotations. Review: [78]
  • Shapiro. The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations. Reviews: [79] [80]

Journals edit

See w:Law review and w:List of law journals

  • The Law Times
  • The Law Journal
  • The Law Magazine
  • The Law Review
  • The Jurist
  • The Legal Observer
  • The Solicitor:  A Journal for Solicitors and their Managing Clerks (Pitman, 1934 to 1961) also called "The Solicitor: A Monthly Journal for . . . " [81] [82]
  • The Solicitor Quarterly (Pitman, 1962 to 1965) [83]
  • Law Notes (from 1882 onwards). Formerly 'Gibson's Law Notes'.
  • King's Counsel (King's College London, 1936 to 1989) v33
  • The Bell Yard: The Journal of the Law Society's School of Law (Solicitors' Law Stationery Society, 1927 to 1939) [84] [85]. Reviews etc, see: (1928) 72 SJ 473; 47 Law Notes 28 and 61; (1930) 169 Law Times 195; (1931) 172 Law Times 470; (1928) 65 Law Journal 9
  • The Law Coach (1920 to 1928) [86]
  • Law Students Journal (from 1878 onwards)
  • Law Examination Journal [87]
  • Council of Legal Education, "Calendar" (1901 onwards) 1950-1
  • Pump Court: The Temple Newspaper and Review (1883 to 1891) [88]
  • Graya: A Magazine for Members of Gray's Inn (1927 onwards) [89]. Review: (1928) 72 SJ 777 (17 Nov)
  • Innerview (Newsletter of the Inner Temple)
  • Inner Temple Library Newsletter
  • The Middle Templar (Middle Templar Magazine) (Middle Temple)
  • Municipal Corporations Circular (from 1878 onwards)
  • Local Government Chronicle (1855 onwards)
  • Mitchell's Maritime Register (1856-1883)
  • Maritime Notes and Queries (1873-1900) [90] [91]
  • Law Chronicle and Auction Register (1813-1837)
  • Legal Practitioner (1846-1851) [92]
  • Legal Year Book (1849-1851) See 35 Leg Obs 138 and 339


  • The Irish Law Times
  • The Irish Jurist



South Africa

  • South African Law Journal (vols 1 to 17 from 1885 to 1900 are called 'Cape Law Journal')
  • Union Law Review (1910 to 1911) v1 v2
  • Natal Law Quarterly (1902 to 1907) v2



  • The Summons: A Journal about Law, Lawyers and Law Books (1920 to 1931) v1v2 [98]

Military law

  • The Army Lawyer [99]
  • Military Law Review [100]

Annual surveys edit

  • Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law
  • Annual Survey of English Law
  • Annual Survey of Commonwealth Law
  • Annual Survey of Australian Law
  • Annual Survey of South African Law
  • Annual Survey of Indian Law
  • Annual Survey of Nepalese Law
  • Annual Survey of American Law
  • Annual Survey of California Law
  • Annual Survey of Colorado Law
  • Annual Survey of Massachusetts Law
  • Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law
  • "Annual Survey of Texas Law". Southern Methodist University Law Review.
  • Annual Survey of African Law
  • Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law. Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law.
  • Annual Survey of Family Law

Annual reviews edit

  • Annual Review of Law & Practice
  • "Annual Review". All England Reports.
  • Annual Review of Irish Law
  • Annual Review of Criminal Law
  • "Annual Review of Administrative Law". George Washington Law Review.
  • Annual Review of Banking Law
  • Annual Review of Insolvency Law
  • Annual Review of Securities Law. New York Law Journal.
  • "Annual Review of Securities and Commodities Law". Washington and Lee Law Review.
  • Annual Review of Legal Education
  • Annual Review of the Law School of New York University

Sources of law edit

Legislation edit

See Legislation

Law reports edit

See w:Case citation, w:Nominate reports and w:Law report

Citators, digests, lists of cases

  • Current Law Citator
  • The Digest (formerly the English and Empire Digest)
  • Mew's Digest

South Africa

  • The Digest of South African Case Law

Many law books contain a table of cases referred to in the volume.

Legislatures edit

  • Cushing. Lex Parliamentaria Americana. 1856. 2nd Ed: 1863. 1866. [101]. 9th Ed: 1874. [102]
  • Wilson. A Digest of Parliamentary Law. 2nd Ed: 1869. [103]
  • Jefferson. A Manual of Parliamentary Practice.

Parliaments edit

See w:Parliamentary authority

  • Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice
  • Ilbert. Parliament: Its History, Constitution and Practice. 1st Ed: 1911.  2nd Ed: 1920. 3rd Ed: 1948.
  • Oliver and Drewry. The Law and Parliament. (Law in context). Butterworths. 1998. [104]
  • Horne, Thompson and Yong (eds). Parliament and the Law. (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law). 3rd Ed: 2022. [105]
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  • McIlwain. The High Court of Parliament and Its Supremacy. 1910. 1934. 1962. [106]
  • Ferrall's Law of Parliament. [An Exposition of the Law of Parliament as it relates to the Power and Privileges of the Commons' House.] 1837. [107]
  • The Law of Parliament in the Present Situation of Great Britain considered. 1788. [108]. Review: [109]

Court of Referees

  • Clifford and Stephens. Practice of the Court of Referees on Private Bills in Parliament. 1870. [110]


  • "Statistics of the Parliamentary Session 1849" (1849) 22 The Spectator 721 (4 August 1849); 13 The Law Times 85


  • Lazarowicz and McFadden. The Scottish Parliament: Law and Practice. 2018. [111]
  • Sutherland, Goodall, Little and Davidson. Law Making and the Scottish Parliament: The Early Years. (Edinburgh Studies in Law, vol 9). 2011. [112]


  • House of Commons Procedure and Practice [113]
  • Travis. A Law Treatise on the Constitutional Powers of Parliament, and of the Local Legislatures, under the British North America Act, 1867. Reviews: [114] [115] [116]. Commentary: [117] [118]


  • Ramachandran. The Law of Parliamentary Privileges in India. 1966. [119]

Courts edit

See Courts

General edit

  • Lawyer's Annual Library. Commentary: [120]

Series of treatises:

  • The Common Law Library. Sweet & Maxwell [121]
  • McCrudden, Stevens and Twining (eds). Law in Context. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
  • Practical Text Series. Northumbria Law Press.

New Zealand

See General series of law books in New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

See "Australia and New Zealand"

Comparative law edit

  • Smits (ed). Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law. 1st Ed: 2006: [122]. 2nd Ed: 2012: [123].
  • International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law. [124]
  • Henneberry (ed). Law and Judicial Systems of Nations. World Jurist Association. 4th Ed: 2002. [147]
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  • Wigmore, John Henry. A Panorama of the World's Legal Systems. West Publishing Company. 1928. [151]
  • Newman (ed). Crime and Punishment around the World. ABC-CLIO. 2010. [152]
  • Equity in the World's Legal Systems: A Comparative Study. 1973. [153]

Criminal law edit

See Criminal law

English civil law, Anglo-American civil law, etc; civil proceedings in common law jurisdictions edit

  • Jenks' Digest of English Civil Law
  • Neil Andrews. The Modern Civil Process: Judicial and Alternative Forms of Dispute Resolution in England. 2008. [154]
  • Andrews on Civil Processes. 2013. 2nd Ed: 2019. [155]
  • Burton on Civil Appeals. Burton (ed). Civil Appeals. EMIS Professional Publishing. 2002. Sweet and Maxwell. London. 2nd Ed: 2013.

Civil procedure edit

See Civil procedure

Evidence edit

See Evidence

Tort edit

See Tort

Defamation, libel and slander edit

This section includes, in particular, books on the torts of libel and slander and on criminal libel. [Defamation is a delict in Scotland. Slander of title and slander of goods are forms of malicious or injurious falsehood.]

  • Gatley on Libel and Slander
  • Carter-Ruck on Libel
  • Odgers on Libel and Slander
  • Fraser. Libel and Slander.
  • Duncan and Neill. Defamation.
  • Duncan and Hoolahan. Defamation Practice.
  • Bower. Actionable Defamation.
  • Flood on Libel and Slander. 1880.
  • Townshend on Slander and Libel. 3rd Ed: 1877.
  • Heard on Libel and Slander. 1860.
  • Cooke. A Treatise on the Law of Defamation. London. 1844. New York. 1846. [Cooke's Law of Defamation. Cooke on Defamation.]
  • Cooper's Law of Libel. 1830. [Cooper on Libel.]

Contract edit

See Contract

Equity edit

  • Snell's Principles of Equity

Judicial review

  • De Smith's Judicial Review of Administrative Action
  • Fordham's Handbook of Judicial Review

Equitable remedies edit

Account of profits

Specific performance

See Contract

Land law edit

  • Megarry and Wade. The Law of Real Property
  • Sarah Cockburn. Questions and Answers on Land Law. 1968


  • The Conveyancer (1915 to 1936) [158]
  • The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer (1936 onwards)

Constitutional law and administrative law edit

  • Hilaire Barnett. Constitutional and Administrative Law. [159]
  • Bradley and Ewing. Constitutional and Administrative Law.
  • Ian Loveland. Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights: A Critical Introduction. [160]
  • O Hood Phillips and Jackson: Constitutional and Administrative Law. 8th Ed: 1997. 2001. [161] O Hood Phillips' Constitutional and Administrative Law. 7th Ed: 1987. [162].

Constitutional law edit

See Constitutional law

War edit

  • McNair. Legal Effects of War
  • Baty and Morgan. War: Its Conduct and Legal Results
  • Webber, George Julius. The Effect of War on Contracts. 2nd Ed. Solicitors Law Stationery Society. 1946.
  • Campbell, Henry. Law of War and Contract. H Mifford, Oxford University Press. 1918
  • Coleman Phillipson. Effect of War on Contracts. Stevens. London. 1909
  • McKinnon LJ, Frank Douglas. Effect of War on Contract. Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1917
  • Prafula Chandra Ghosh. The Effects of War on Contracts. University of Calcutta. 1920
  • Report of the Pre-War Contracts Committee (Cd 8975) (1918) (Buckmaster Committee)
  • Jan Ramberg. Cancellation of Contracts of Affreightment: On Account of War and Similar Circumstances. Akademifearlaget. 1969
  • C N Gregory, "Interest on Debts during War" (1909) 25 Law Quarterly Review 297
  • Report of the Committee on Liability for War Damage to the Subject-matter of Contracts (Cmd 6100) (1939)
  • Spaight. War Rights on Land
  • Gregory, Charles Noble, "Effect of War upon the Operation of Statutes of Limitation", International Law Association's Reports for 1913-1914 and 1914-1915
  • Garner. International Law and the World War
  • Krusin and Rogers. Solicitors Hand-Book of War Legislation
  • Scobell Armstrong. War and Treaty Legislation, 1914-1922. 2nd Ed. 1922
  • Baty, 31 LQR 1915

Prize edit

  • Edward Stanley Roscoe. A History of the English Prize Court. 1924. [163]

Company law edit

See Company law

Corporations edit

See Corporations

Remedies edit

See "equitable remedies" above

New Zealand

See Remedies in New Zealand

Drafting edit

  • Inns of Court School of Law. Drafting. Fifth Edition. Blackstone Press. 2000. ISBN 1841740624.
  • Inns of Court School of Law. Opinion Writing. Fifth Edition. Blackstone Press. 2000. ISBN 1841740632.

History edit

Legal biography

See w:Legal biography

  • Debretts' House of Commons and Judicial Bench
  • Men at the Bar
  • Manson. The Builders of our Law during the Reign of Queen Victoria. 1895. 2nd Ed: 1904: [164].
  • Lives of Eminent Serjeants-at-law of the English Bar, 1869, vols 1 and 2. Contains biographies of 58 serjeants-at-law. Google Books:
    • editions:7u0w_AcY7zsC
    • editions:i_SAN31GvBkC
  • Other biographical sources for lawyers. The Inner Temple
  • A catalogue of notable Middle Templars, with brief biographical notices
  • Goudkamp and Nolan (eds). Scholars of Tort Law. 2019. [165]
  • Goudkamp and Nolan (eds). Scholars of Contract Law. 2022. [166]
  • "Studies in Legal Biography". Albany Law Journal.
    • "Law and Latin" [167]
    • "Law and Love"
    • "Law and Religion"

Law lists

  • The Law List. Stevens and Sons. 1907, 1948


  • Baker. An Introduction to English Legal History
  • Maitland. The Constitutional History of England
  • The Oxford History of the Laws of England
  • William Searle Holdsworth. A History of English Law

Criminal law

  • Leon Radzinowicz. A History of English Criminal Law and its Administration from 1750. [168]

Nineteenth Century

  • Fifoot. Law and History in the Nineteenth Century. 1956
  • Fifoot. Judge and Jurist in the Reign of Victoria. 1959
  • Bowen. "The Administration of the Law from 1837 to 1887". Thomas Humphrey Ward (ed). The Reign of Queen Victoria: A Survey of Fifty Years of Progress. 1887. Volume 1. Page 281. Ward, "Legislation of the Reign" p 25. Anson, "Constitutional Development", p117.

Some earlier works

  • Deans. The Student's Legal History. 3rd Ed: 1913 [169] [170], 4th Ed: 1921 [171] [172]
  • White. Outlines of Legal History. 1895 [173] [174]
  • Carter. Outlines of English Legal History. 1899 [175] [176]
  • Maitland and Montague. A Sketch of English Legal History. 1915 [177]
  • Finlason. Reeves' History of the English Law. 1880 Vol 1:  [178] [179] Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5: [180] [181]
  • Ames. Lectures on Legal History and Miscellaneous Legal Essays. 1913 [182]
  • Vinogradoff (ed). Essays in Legal History read before the International Congress of Historical Studies held in London in 1913. 1913 [183]
  • Oxford Studies in Social and Legal History. Vol 1 (1909) vol 4 (1914)
  • Law and Lawyers; or, Sketches and Illustrations of Legal History and Biography. 1840 vol 1 vol 2
  • Popular Law Library. 1908. Vol 1, second subject ("legal history")
  • Carter. A History of English Legal Institutions. 1902. [184]


  • Walker. A Legal History of Scotland
  • Simpson and Wilson. Scottish Legal History
  • Kiralfy and MacQueen. New Perspectives in Scottish Legal History
  • Reid and Zimmerman. A History of Private Law in Scotland
  • Finlay. Legal Practice in Eighteenth Century Scotland

Europe and continental law

  • The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History
  • Continental Legal History Series. Published under the auspices of the Association of American Law Schools. vol 1 (1912)


  • The Legal History Review [185]
    • editions:SmWkXyQcRSQC

Chronology edit

See also w:Legal year. For legislation of the year or session, see Legislation.

  • Paul Brand et al, "Legal chronology". C R Cheney (ed). A Handbook of Dates: For Students of British History. New Edition. Revised by Michael Jones. Cambridge University Press. 2000. Reprinted 2004. Chapter 5. Page 96 et seq.
  • "Legal Chronology" (1880) 24 The Journal of Jurisprudence 215
  • "Legal Chronology" (1855) 50 Legal Observer and Solicitors' Journal 411
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  • "Laws and Legal Institutions". The Mnemonic Chronology of British History. Hamilton, Adams & Co. 1849. Page 56 et seq.

Falkland Islands

  • Vieyra. An Annotated Legal Chronology of the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands Controversy. 1985. [186]

Periodicals, year or session

See also annual surveys

For sessions of Parliament, see Parliament

Periodicals, quarter

  • "Events of the Quarter". The Law Magazine. [The Law Magazine and Law Review]. Continues to vol 32 of 1871. [190] [191] [192] etc.



  • Guide to Material on the History of Law in California. [193]


  • "Legal Chronology of Imperial Russia" and "Legal Chronology of Soviet Russia" at pp 20 and 23: [194]


  • William Percy Pain. Chronology and Analysis of International Law. 1889. [195]

Countries and other regions edit

  • International Encyclopaedia of Laws. Kluwer.
  • Introduction to the Law of . . . Kluwer. [196] [197] [198] [199]

South Africa

  • Maasdorp's Institutes of South African Law
  • Maasdorp's Institutes of Cape Law
  • The Common Law of South Africa

British overseas territories

  • Hendry and Dickson. British Overseas Territories Law. 1st Ed: 2011, 2nd Ed: 2018 [200]

Northern Ireland edit

  • Digest of Northern Ireland Law. Looseleaf booklets. 1st Ed: 1986 onwards. 2nd Ed: 1995 onwards. (Student Legal Services, SLS Legal Publications, Queen's University, Belfast)
  • Valentine's All the Law of Northern Ireland
  • Brice Dickinson. Law in Northern Ireland.


  • Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly (1936 onwards)
  • Bulletin of Northern Ireland Law (1981 onwards)
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Index of countries edit

Cases decided by the courts of one country may be of persuasive authority in other countries. The common law of one country may be incorporated into the law of another state by statute. Roman law may be of persuasive authority in common law countries. Accordingly, books ostensibly about the law of one country may contain information applicable to other countries.

Australia and New Zealand edit

The following books are about the region of Australia and New Zealand as a whole. [The region of Australia and New Zealand is sometimes called Australasia or Trans-Tasman.] For books specifically about New Zealand, see Law of New Zealand.

  • Morris. Laying Down the Law: The Foundations of Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing in Australia and New Zealand. 1988. [210]
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Computer-assisted legal research


  • Current Australian and New Zealand Legal Literature Index. [217] [Australia and New Zealand Legal Literature Index]. Review: [218]


  • The Australasian Annual Digest: being a Digest of Cases decided by the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria, and West Australia, and by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on Appeal from those Courts. [219]
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Annotations; annotated reports

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General series of books

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Statutory interpretation

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Legal profession

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Law list

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Real property

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Equity and trusts

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Wills and intestacy

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Administration and distribition of estates

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Commercial law

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Competition law

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Sale of goods

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Sales and consumer law

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Company law

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Corporate law

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Labour law

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Charities and non-profits

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Criminal law

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Health law and medical law

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Mining law

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Examinations edit

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  • Bar Examination Journal (1871-1892)

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