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App Inventor Tutorials


Getting Started


Instructions on how to set up app inventor to start creating your application. Setup Page Here is a youtube video that goes through the setup. Setup Video

Uploading Current App


After App inventor is installed you can simply upload the application that is in progress into your App Inventor account.

Step 1 - Download this file by going to file/download.

Step 2 - Open App Inventor and go to MyProjects/MoreActions/UploadSource and choose the file All code and page layouts will be available for you to edit.



To get a better understanding of the code you might want to install the application on your phone to see what the code is doing.

Downlaod the the Barcode_App from your phone or place on your SD card. Click on the App to install. Xzing scanner also needs to be installed on your device you can download that here Xzing or on the android market.

The current the application is working with all maps inside the application linked to barcode numbers. Just press the 'Scan Barcode' button and after the barcode is scanned it will bring up your location. The app is working for 2 trails (7 locations). Here is the Progamming of the current application. The barcode numbers that work so far are 01001, 01002, 01003, 01004, 02001, 02002, 02003. and can be generated at to test the app.

Now you can look at youtube tutorials to find your way around the block programming. The basic programming concepts apply. To get started try creating a simple barcode application with app inventor tutorial, barcode programming.

There are a lot of tuturials online for app inventor depending on what you are trying to do with the application.



Once you have made changes to the application you can package it by clicking 'Package/Download to this Computer' on the top right of the app inventor blocks editor. The .apk file can be installed on your phone and will replace the current application like an update. It will not add duplicate applications.