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Problem StatementEdit

Create a barcode system in which people can use their phones to find their location along nature trails.

Team MembersEdit



Our task was to create a barcode system in which nature trails will be mapped. The barcodes will be printed to be placed along nature trails for people to scan to find there location. We are using QR codes to bring up the maps for the project. The QR codes are a type of barcode that can be used for any type of data.


These are the pictures of the NatureTrails



So far for our project any information obtained from the weekend is mostly irrelevant since last class our project idea changed. The original plan was to create a barcode system in which we would be able to allow students to find their way through the school using the system of barcodes. Students would take a picture of the barcodes with their cell phones and using the application and google maps the barcodes would pin point your location. After discussing this with the group we decided to change the mapping of the school to mapping nature trails around the campus. Its a similar plan so the barcode plans still work. For the barcode system we will be using QR codes which is an easy barcoding app that can be uploaded on iphones and smart phones. we are taking pictures of the nature trail. We found all five nature trails and took pictures of the all the trails. We linked the QR codes to the maps of the trails so the maps will come up when the code is scanned. We decided to created a google map with all the trails mapped out on it so your location will show up in relation to the trails if your phone as GPS. We then linked a QR code to the google map.

Decision ListEdit

Material ListEdit

1. List materials used, quantity, size, cost.
2. Describe what needs to be purchased in the future to continue working on this project.

iPhone or Android smartphone.

Paper and printer to print barcodes.

Software ListEdit

All software used is free on the internet.

QR code generator to create QR codes.

QR Barcode Scanner for any smartphone to scan QR codes with.

Google Maps to create custom map of the nature trails.

App Inventor to design, program and package android application

You must have a google account to create apps in app inventor and edit maps in google maps.


27 hours


How to create your own google map tutorial.

How to use App Inventor.

Next StepsEdit

Pictures of the beginning and end of each trail can be taken to upload to the google map of the trails. (Note: Permissions for HCC Nature Trails google map is set so that anyone can edit the map after signing in to their google account. Should make a calibration list before posting QR code for anyone to scan.)

Add signs at the beginning and end of each trail so people can see where the trails are.

Make a poster to post in school halls/lobbies to get people scanning the QR code.

Panoramic 'street view' at the entrance of each trail.

work on design of offline application that can be used inside for room to room navigation.