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1 Name a genetic disorder that does not contain dominant group in a primary source.

2 True or False, The use of dominant groups by Charles Darwin in his Origin of species is the first definitive use of the term.


3 A definition of dominant group in a medical dictionary does not contain which of the following?

a social group
a value system
any society

4 Groups of insects whose geographical distribution "extends to the tropics, [but] fall short of the polar circles" are called

5 True or False, “The fact that a group is egoistic and dominant proves that it is well formed and that it approaches the make-up of a man.”


6 Which of the following is not necessarily a synonym for dominant?

musical note
main part
most important

7 Name an art synonym for grouping

8 True or False, A dominant group in a society may result in an unequal distribution of resources.


9 An alternate form for the existing knowledge of a dominant group does not contain?

a relation between members of the group
a population from which the group is from
criterion of dominance
a region with limits
attributes addressing appropriate purposes
a relation between members of the population

10 Interactions with dominant group members that provide infants with the raw material for recognizing variation in food quality are from what subfield.

11 True or False, Five institutions whose scholars published the most articles in two major periodicals may be a dominant group.


12 Psychiatry contains which of the following characteristic of a dominant group?

improved in their performance on verbal tests employed
social disadvantage
spends much time reflecting on nondominant group colleagues
clinical psychologists

13 An extinction event usually eliminates this group to make way for a new one.

14 Yes or No, The ray-finned fishes became the dominant group of fishes in the Paleozoic.


15 Which of the following is applicable to a dominant group in geology?

olivines are the dominant group in phonolite lavas
crystals that are only 20 vol %
samarskite represents the LREE-dominant group
many similar age populations
frequencies of subordinate energies
in some way associated with geology

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  1. As dominant group has 22 hypotheses regarding what it is, questions can be composed to refine this number to a smaller number.

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