Design engineering

Design Engineering (or Engineering Design) is Design within the context of the applied arts and sciences, in a number of generalized fields of engineering. This developing learning resource begins as a treatment of Engineering and Technology "through a wide-angle lens" from a design perspective and continues as a learning path toward a set of specific exemplary subjects. The goal is to take a learning group on a journey together into real-world problem-solving and critical thinking. General topics will be subjects like Energy, Architecture, Systems theory, and such. Specific topics might include Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Web Design, ..add yours...

The topics and schools linked from the Engineering and Technology Portal provide a generalized structure for moving forward down the Practicum. The term "path" is used in place of "course" for the simple reason that this resource is designed to be flexible, adaptable, scaleable, consensus-driven, collaborative and most-of-all applicable to the real world.

Starting point


The philosophical basis for this resource is called Participatory Action Research or PAR. The principles are discussed in depth at the project page entitled Learning to learn a wiki way. This is a pilot implementation for that project group. Please familiarize yourself with the goals there and meet us back here at the discussion page. This resource by design is dependant upon your participation, thus, may not move any further until someone "breaks the ice" on the discussion page. Go for it!

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