Conservation of money calculations and status reporting

This course is proposed as a jointly developed learning experience/environment delivering business acumen and practical engineering analysis skills to businessmen, professionals, and team leaders of all kinds for use within government, organizations, industry and commerce of all kinds.

Some prior experience or study is recommended for effective participation in this course. For example: On the job budgeting or reporting, engineering economics, accounting fundamentals. Students with little or no previous exposure to spreadsheets and/or financial budgeting or operations will be expected to audit other appropriate study materials or learning environments and not place an undue burden on this course's participants with regard to extreme fundamentals of cash flow management, budgeting and accounting.

Topics edit

Some proposed topics of potentially fruitful study

  • Proposal development
  • Budget Estimating and planning
  • Sales Pitching for approval or closing the deal
    Formal proposal or project/business plan
    Story boards
    Summary briefing slides
  • Cash Flow analysis, tables, and diagrams
  • Sources and sinks
  • Routine checks, balances, audits, and reporting techniques
  • Asset Tradeoffs and Management
  • Liability or risk management
  • Fluctuation or reserve management
  • Team (self) defense via competent information management
  • Task scope closeout or project shutdown
  • Taking due credit at task/project completion
  • Giving due credit to stakeholders

Recommended resources edit

  • Access to a workstation and a spreadsheet program interested in learning to use
  • Available Course Development Consultants or Tutors (Been there done some of that.)

Participants edit