Computer Support/Software Troubleshooting/Mobile Operating Systems

This lesson covers troubleshooting mobile operating systems.

Objectives and Skills Edit

Objectives and skills for the troubleshooting mobile operating systems portion of A+ certification include:[1]

Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application issues with appropriate tools.
  • Common symptoms
    • Dim display
    • Intermittent wireless
    • No wireless connectivity
    • No bluetooth connectivity
    • Cannot broadcast to external monitor
    • Touchscreen non-responsive
    • Apps not loading
    • Slow performance
    • Unable to decrypt email
    • Extremely short battery life
    • Overheating
    • Frozen system
    • No sound from speakers
    • Inaccurate touch screen response
    • System lockout
  • Tools
    • Hard reset
    • Soft reset
    • Close running applications
    • Reset to factory default
    • Adjust configurations/settings
    • Uninstall/reinstall apps
    • Force stop

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  1. Watch YouTube: Mobile Device App Troubleshooting - CompTIA A+ 220-902 - 4.3

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