Communication and Identities in Institutional Arenas - Part I/Monday 14 February

Week 7 Monday 14 February Sal F 133 09.30-14.30 & 15.15-17.00 edit

Theme - Identities & their enactments in human life edit

We will discuss the following:

Collaborative development of our course learning resource on wikiversity


Intersectionality and ethnographic studies

Literature for discussion:

  • Background - literature from 25 January
  • Jonsson, Rickard (2007): Blatte betyder kompis: Om maskulinitet och språk i en högstadieskola, 319 s. Ordfront Förlag
  • Davies, Alan (2003): The Native Speaker: Myth and Reality. 2nd ed, 237 s. Clevedon: Multilingual matters (Preface, chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Fishman, Joshua A & Garcia, Ofelia (2010): Handbook of language and ethnic identity. Disciplinary and regional perspectives. Volume 1/Second edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press (Foundations, Conclusions, chapters 6, 7, 8)

In preparation for our second campus meeting, participants are required to present their literature logs on the KOIIA-I learning resource page for each of the studied texts latest by Friday 11 February noon. Particpants are subsequently required to study the logs presented by their course colleagues before our second campus meeting on Monday 14 February.

Dr. Rickard Jonsson will attend and lecture in the course during this meeting. In addition, he will present an open seminar later during the day. The open seminar is part of the KOIIA-I course and course participants are required to attend.