Communication and Identities in Institutional Arenas - Part I

Welcome to the homepage of the KOIIA-I course!

I will be offering a graduate course KOIIA-I (Communication and Identities in Institutional Arenas Part I) during the spring term of 2011. This course has been offered previously as a learning resource on wikiversity during the spring of 2008. KOIIA-I and KOIIA-II have been designed from an ongoing Swedish Research Council Project LISA-21 (Languages and Identities in School Arenas in the 21st century).

The graduate students who participate in these courses are expected to use this wiki-resource as an important platform to put up their reading logs, discuss course themes with one another, search for relevant resources, invite colleagues from outside the course to use the resource, etc. In short, course participants are expected to use the learning resource in order to dialogue in a genuine open academic spirit where their own participation and creativity sets the limits for what they do within the course and this resource (as well as how they develop the resource long after the course is completed and their studies are over).

The participants are also encouraged to participate both multimodally and also primarily in English. I can, however, forsee that some logs and pages that the course participants will contribute with will be in Swedish.

The course syllabus in Swedish can be accessed here (to the right).

The course consists of non-synchronous dialogue on wikiversity as well as campus meetings on the following dates in the spring of 2011:

Tuesday 25 January

Monday 14 February

Friday 18 March

Thursday 14 April

Monday-Tuesday 16-17 May

--Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta 14:49, 26 December 2010 (UTC) Sangeeta BG homepage

Course members and their Wikiversity pages edit

Annaliina Gynne

Ingela Holmström (only in swedish)

Giulia Messina Dahlberg

Sören Högberg