Collaboration, in the context of wikis, is the art of being able to write and discuss as a team. Due to the multiple user possibility of wikis and the ability to have a history and diffs to highlight new changes, users are able to write in collaboration. There are pros and cons to writing this way; usually, some users find that they are unable to contribute to existing content and they decide to write forks, alternative pages instead of trying to find an agreement. Usually, the agreement cannot be made because the original contributors are gone.

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  • VirileMail is an example of a novel written by 2 authors mainly (although many users contributed), at Fiction Wikia. Author John Schmidt wrote major parts of the story and then David joined the effort. Wikis have the advantage of talk pages, which are very good to discuss themes. Besides, in that wikia there is a category of pages for meta content; that is, pages to develop plots for stories. Using those tools and IRC they could complete a story that was abandoned for 3 years.

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