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Fair Internet policyEdit


Since the efficiency of the Internet is a strong source of unfairness one should demand the Cultural advancement policy for highly successful e-commerce companies (as, for instance, Amazon, Apple or Expedia).

A network partition provider can help Internet customers to utilize only those web sites adhering to a desired standard.

Corporate citizenship and donationsEdit

  1. Since the internet is far too efficient a voluntary or mandatory taxation is in order.
  2. The company must implement the Tariff plan policy and thus aim to support full employment on a national scale.
  3. The company should aim to educate third parties about the policy and invite competitors and business associations to follow the example.

Co-determination and Co-regulationEdit

  1. The company must cooperate with unions, business associations and other organizations that aim to provide co-regulation for the Internet and especially for an ethically regulated Internet.
  2. The company must offer schemes for co-determination on different levels, including the general public. The need for this requirement follows immediately from the right to public participation.

Continuing educationEdit

  1. The company must implement the Postmaterialism policy.