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Common and Well Documented Alleles : Catalogue of HLA alleles that are well documented and represented in various reference populations.

They are classified in two groups : Levels 1 and 2. Levels 3, 4 and 5 describe alleles not included in the CWD catalogue.

  • HLA CWD Level 1 : Alleles with unquestionable data to support their presence throughout the populations of the world. There is universal agreement about these alleles.
  • HLA CWD Level 2 : Alleles with questionable data to support their presence in any population. They are rare alleles with various degrees of prevalence documentation. Nevertheless they are included in the CWD catalogue.
  • HLA CWD Level 3 : Alleles previously considered for inclusion in the CWD catalogue, now found to be very questionable due to lack of data or poor quality data. These alleles require further prevalence studies. They are proposed to be excluded from the CWD catalogue unless evidence is provided to keep them.
  • HLA CWD Level 4 : Alleles without convincing confirmation and without data to support their existence. There is universal agreement about the identification of these alleles being provisional and unreliable. The list of alleles included here for this level is not comprehensive, just those alleles with some interesting peculiarity are mentioned.
  • HLA CWD Level 5 : Allele names deleted from the IMGT database. Not included here.

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