The Breton and European flags
Introduction to Breton
Sant-Maloù / Saint-Malo
Calvary Our Lady of Tronoan, Sant-Yann-Drolimon
Religious banner in Brittany

Breton, Brezhoneg is a Celtic language close to Welsh and Cornish.

Brittany (Breton: Breizh) is one of the six Celtic nations. Located in France, it is split into two French regions.
It is located in Western Europe at the Northwestern corner of France.

Breton is traditionally spoken in the westernmost part of Brittany (Breizh Izel), but today many people in Roazhon/Rennes and Naoned/Nantes - as well as in Paris - know or learn Breton.

This is why it has now a unified spelling (peurunvan) which allows for different pronunciations and therefore respects as far as possible the different dialects.

The lessons in this method are in peurunvan spelling. Some texts will give information upon dialectal pronunciations, with the adapted spelling for that context.


  • Kentel gentañ / First lesson: About Breton / A-zivout ar brezhoneg
  • Eilvet kentel / Second lesson: Pronunciation / Distagadur
  • Teirvet kentel / Third lesson: Breton bases / Diazezoù e brezhoneg
  • Pedervet kentel / Fourth lesson: Breton dialects / Rannyezhoù ar brezhoneg
  • Pempvet kentel / Fifth lesson: Getting help / Kaout skoazell

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