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Be a Happy Single edit

In today's society there is a strong trend towards separation. More and more relationships break down. More and more people are permanently alone. In surveys, about 10% of singles feel happy, 40% feel unhappy, and 50% see themselves in the middle. People in a partnership, to 40% feel happy, 10% unhappy and 50% in the central region. (Bernhard Grom (Autor), Norbert Brieskorn (Autor), Gerd Haeffner. 1987)

This shows that people are different. Some people feel happy as singles, some not, and most feel somewhere in between. However, there are four times more unhappy single people than people in a partnership. And most singles suffer from loneliness. The followings steps work for singles and people in relationships. Also people in relationships can feel lonely some times. Inner happiness is a good way for them too. But most important this way is for singles.

1. Process the loss of your partner. The first major step towards a positive single life is to overcome the loss of a former partner. Most people have had one or more relationships. The longer these relationships were and the more intense they were, the longer is the time of processing. We should live our grief completely. If we repress our grief, it will dig further into our subconscious. Talk with other people about your suffering. Forgive your partner and send him positive sentences. Want all beings in the world to be happy.

2. Meditate. Allow all our thoughts and feelings to come out. We let them come and go as they want. Only observe. Until they come of their own to rest.

3. Think positive. The way of positive thinking is to think about the meaning of life, to focus on positive goals and to overcome grief with positive sentences.

4. View the single life as an opportunity. Consider your single life as an opportunity for intensive growth to inner happiness. Make the path of inner happiness to the center of your life.

5. Live with a spiritual plan for the day. A spiritual plan is the great victory over boredom and the loss of meaning of life. The days are now filled. The schedule gives the single life a positive structure. It gives you inner strength and positivity. You live based on positive goals and will thus become internally positive. Find the spiritual exercises who awake your happiness every day. The most important spiritual exercises are yoga, walking, meditation, reading, and positive thinking (cognitive work). The spiritual way is a cleaning path. You clean your tensions with persistence and creativity each day, until one day you're living in permanent light.

It is very important for a single to see things clearly. The main happiness of a man is his inner happiness. It provides to 90% from her inner happiness, how happy a person in her life is. Who sees things clearly, focuses things right in his life. And then the single life suddenly become a godsend. According to Swami Sivananda the fastest way to inner happiness is to live alone and to practice spiritually a lot. Amma (Mata Amritanandamay) said that you will get ahead on the path of inner happiness five times faster when you live alone. Buddha even pronounced that the deep inner happiness (enlightenment) is difficult to achieve when you live in a relationship.

As a single one you have a lot of rest. This is a great burden and a great opportunity. Plenty of rest is the main path to enlightenment. Plenty of rest, and the inner tension dissolve almost by itself. Connecting a lot of rest with regular spiritual practice is the optimal way to enlightenment. Those singles who do not refuge from the rest, maintain many contacts with other people or constantly turn on the TV, but go into the rest and combine it with spiritual practices, grow into the inner happiness.

Enlightenment is a great grace for all singles. You are not lost. You can get to enlightenment in a relationship or as a single. But living alone usually offers significantly greater chance of reaching the goal. Living alone is the harder way of life. It is difficult for the most people to live alone. But a life as a single gives us the big opportunity to get enlightenment. Let's use this chance. Let us realize ourselves. Let us become enlightened singles.

Do Karma-Yoga edit

Give happiness to all people.

A great gift for singles is the path of Karma Yoga. He allows us to overcome our loneliness on a deep level. We can get into the energy of the all-comprehensive love. The center of the path of love is the goal of a happy world. We wish happiness to all beings. In our minds we are already seeing the goal of a happy world realized. We live with a positive vision. This gives us the power for a positive life. Our positive vision opens the gates of happiness within us.

The main practice of Karma Yoga is to send all beings every day light. We connect us every day with our friends. We connect us with all beings that touch us emotional. We think their names. We move a hand and send them love and light. We send light all over the globe. We wish that all people in the word will be happy. We wish a happy world. We wish a happy cosmos. We break through our isolation as a single. We live in a constant emotional contact with all other beings in the world. At some point, our feeling of loneliness will disappear. We are full of love.

We should manifest our desire for a happy world externally too. Otherwise, our subconscious mind does not believe us, and we do not really get deep into the energy of embracing love. There are many ways to help our fellow men. We can regularly do a little positive action. We can donate money to the people in the Third World. We can give a person a smile or a positive word. We may work in a non-profit organization. We should find a way of helping that suits us and what is practicable in our situation.

Computer Meditation edit

A guided meditation on the computer is a fast way of relaxation. Through simple yoga movements associated with positive sentences you can dissolve inner blockages and recharge your mind positive. Get peace, power, love and happiness in five minutes.

  1. Visualize yourself as a Buddha (Shiva) or Goddess of Love. Think or speak the mantra: "I am a Buddha (Shiva). I am a Goddess of Love."
  2. Move a hand and send light (happiness, peace, love) to all beings: "I send light to ... (name). May all people be happy. May the world be a happy."
  3. Rub your palms in front of your heart. Connect yourself with the Enlightened (Saints) or God: "Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way."
  4. Get inner peace und rub your belly: "I take things as they are. I flow positive with my life."
  5. Put your hands on your legs or your belly. Calm your mind and speak (or think) one minute the mantra: "Om Shanti. Om Peace."
  6. Stop one minute every thought.
  7. Relax.
  8. Find a positive sentence: "My positive sentence is ... (Forward with love, peace, happiness and optimism.)"
  • The essence of spirituality is to build up inner strength, peace, love and happiness. Your inner energy can be awakened by positive visualizations in connection with mantras (positive statements, prayers).
  • On the spiritual path you're only successful if you always act in close contact with your personal truth and with a good feel for yourself. Practice the computer meditation therefore so that it fits for you personally and is good for you.

---> Video Computer Meditation (5 min.)

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