Basic Chemistry/Mixtures

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Mixtures are substances that are NOT chemically joined together. Sea water and air are good examples of mixtures. The mixture will have properties of all the parts that make it up.

Separation techniquesEdit

You can separate a mixture into its constituent parts.


Filtration is the process by which solids are separated from liquids by means of a filter.

When water is passed through coffee particles the filter separates the coffee grounds (oversize) from the coffee (filtrate)

This process is ideal for separating rock salt.


Chromatography is a laboratory technique to separate mixtures using the different speeds the parts of the mixture separate from each other in another chemical substance.

This is ideal for separating out the dyes found in inks.


Distillation is a physical process where a mixture made of two or more liquids (called "components") with different boiling points can be separated from each other.

Simple distillationEdit

This is ideal for separating water from ink.

Fractional distillationEdit

This is ideal for separating mixed liquids.