Australian Vocational Education and Training/ICAI4030A Install software to networked computers

From the official document:

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"This unit defines the competency required to plan, manage and support the installation of new or upgrade software to networked computers according to vendor and organisation specifications."

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You can read more about this unit on the National Training Information Systems Official document for ICAI4030A.

This unit is part of the following qualifications:

How this unit will help you edit

After learning and applying the skills required by this unit you'll be able to demonstrate your skills in:

1. Determine software requirements
  1. Identify, clarify and organise software requirements following specified guidelines
  2. Evaluate requirements in line with existing application, operating system, organisational guidelines, corporate purchasing, licensing arrangements and budget
2. Obtain software
  1. Contact relevant vendors to obtain technical specifications for required software
  2. Assess the options and provide recommendations to appropriate person for final analysis
  3. Determine and record relevant licensing requirements and security issues
3. Install software
  1. Develop plans, with prioritised tasks and contingency arrangements, for the installation of the selected software to network and networked computers with minimum disruption to client, including the management of existing data
  2. Install and configure the software in accordance with installation procedures, organisational guidelines and plans
  3. Test the installed software and system for error-free performance, identifying and resolving problems
  4. Document the installation and configuration process according to organisational guidelines
  5. Store the software licences and manuals according to organisational guidelines
4. Determine and provide instruction and support
  1. Identify and document the client instruction requirements
  2. Undertake one-to-one instruction with the client or user in a manner suitable to the audience
  3. Refer group training requirements to the appropriate person
  4. Gather and evaluate client and user feedback to ensure training and support requirements are met
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Ideas for demonstrating this unit edit

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Grading edit

If you are demonstrating this unit as part of a formal course, you might find that the unit is graded (meaning you can not only demonstrate your competence, but can also gain a credit or distinction). Your facilitator may already have set criteria that your college uses. If not, here are some ideas for possible credit/distinction activities that you can discuss with your facilitator:

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