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The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) sets the standards for delivering training in Australia for Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. It produces National Training Packages and accredited courses which outline the qualifications, competencies and assessment criteria for specific areas of training. Training received and certified under the framework is 'portable' across Australian state boundaries and industries.

All VET trainers in Australia that work in Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are required to use the AQTF unit descriptions when delivering training in subjects contained in National Training Packages.

The NTISthis! web site converts AQTF unit (subject) descriptions from into various formats, one being wiki markup - ready to import into Wikiversity as part of a learning project.

Building a page for teaching a unit of competency

  1. visit NTISthis! and search for the subject you want to put on the Wikiversity. For example you might want to teach a subject on constructivism. A search on NTISthis! turns up these pages
  2. Select your target unit. For example: BSBLED703A - Implement improved learning practice
  3. Scroll down the list of available formats until you get to the link: Wiki Markup
  4. Click and then scroll down to the 'Copy to clipboard' button. One click and you're done.
  5. Create a new page here on Wikiversity. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the 'Check Wikiversity' button on NTISthis!. Note: this may take you to an existing page, meaning someone else already created a page for that subject. You can either use their page, or start a new page with a different name.
  6. If you're creating a new page, paste (Ctl-V) the wiki markup code into the code editor window. Note: if you have started in the Visual editor, you will need to click on the square bracket icon on the screen's top right corner to open up the code editor view.
  7. Add a summary; preview and make changes to your page, then save. More details on these processes can be found on this Wikiversity FAQ about editing

Next Steps


Your subject page should be pretty well ready to go, but you might like to add activities and/or assessments. You might also want to work through some of the activities yourself. By default the page gets loaded with the following activity template:

Before you start make sure you've registered and know how to edit wiki pages, then try these activities:

  1. Click on the 'Discuss' tab at the top of the page and introduce yourself
  2. Rewrite one of the Elements or Performance Criteria in the Objectives section in plain language. Imagine that it starts with the words: "After studying this subject I will be able to..." For example a performance criteria that reads: "Work area is prepared to support efficient installation of sewage discharge pipes" is full of puff. It could be changed to read: "Set up a work area for installing sewage discharge pipes"
  3. Find relevant links and add them to the Readings section. When adding a link use the Edit Summary field to comment on why you chose that link and which objectives it addresses.
  4. Create and/or link Key Terms to relevant articles in WikiCommons, Wikibooks, Wikipedia or Wiktionary
  5. Add a quiz question to the Review section. This could be based on any of the objectives, required skills and knowledge or key terms. Or you could base it on information found via the links in the readings section. Here are some tips for writing better quiz questions.
  6. For bonus marks, write a challenge and add it to the Challenges section.

The class can work through these, supervised or not, or you can undertake them yourself.

You may also want to create other related pages, perhaps using the AQTF qualification or skillset descriptions found on NTISthis! Once you have created a set of pages you can tie them all together into a learning project


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