Attempts to look at astrophysical mechanics through the filter of philosophical thought and reasoning. Asks, particularly:

a. what would the world's great thinkers of the past do with the growing knowledge of today's scientific study? How would this knowledge inform their insight?
b. how should scientific insights [biology (DNA, life expectancy modification), chemistry (mood and performance altering drugs), astrophysics (pre-big bang, m-theory, likelihood of extrasolar life)] inform our modern understanding of what defines our perception of reality?
c. how do the spiritual traditions each handle our expanding books of knowledge? Does their approach reflect a stubbornness, or do they embrace science as a tool towards coming to greater truth?
d. what "greater truths" might be gleaned from the past twenty five years of scientific research?
e. what does this research contribute to a discussion of philosophy and spirituality that could not have been otherwise addressed? Do any such topics exist?
f. given: the freshest scientific data, across disciplines. the entirety of philosophical, spiritual, and cosmological thought to date... where do we stand? when we examine the great questions of mankind, in light of all of this knowledge, as it and we continue to evolve, what, if anything, can we discern, if either anew or in renewal?

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