Assistant teacher program/Forum/Mandatory assistant teacher office only for high-track students

Mandatory assistant teacher office only for high-track students


In a comprehensive school with several tracks one could decide to make an assistant teacher program mandatory only for high-track students or students who attended a sufficient number of high-track courses.

Low-track students may be less qualified as assistant teachers and a school may be able to demand mandatory participation in an assistant teacher program for high-track students more convincingly than for all students.

One could also argue that high-track students did receive an advantage through separation from low-track students and that only high-track students consequently had a moral obligation to compensate the effect.

On the other hand one could argue that low-track students might benefit even more, in the role of assistant teacher, from the motivation and the academic goals of an assistant teacher effort. In a comprehensive school there may be some students who remain unqualified as assistant teachers but many low-track students could potentially benefit from joining an assistant teacher effort. A student who had learned to see things from the perspective of a teacher in an academically less challenging subject could be expected to benefit from the experience in academically more challenging subjects, even if he remained unqualified to be an assistant teacher in those subjects.