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Advanced courses for assistant teachersEdit

One problem with advanced courses for assistant teachers is that groups of assistant teachers may qualify during a longer time and not at once and some assistant teachers may also lose their qualification for several month. This is the about the worst scenario for an advanced course; new assistant teachers who arrive continually want to participate and the course could have to repeat material that has already been treated earlier almost continually.

Participants from different gradesEdit

Courses can allow participants from different grades to join a course in order to correct for different levels of academic proficiency and different individual curricula.

Entry phaseEdit

Courses that heavily rely on knowledge from earlier lessons of the course (e.g. mathematical-scientific courses) can offer an entry phase for beginning the course. A new assistant teacher may still be able to follow the course after missing one or two month but could have to wait for the next course to begin after missing a whole semester or more. If courses launch in eighth grade, ninth grade and tenth grade assistant teachers can join almost at any time (or very soon). A disqualified assistant teacher could be allowed to remain in an advanced course for a limited time.

Another reason for offering continual entry phases can be changing interests of young pupils.[1]

Entrance examinationEdit

The new participant could possibly have to prepare the missing content as voluntary work at home or in a learning group and pass an entrance examination before being admitted.

Learning groupsEdit

Instead of regular courses assistant teachers can also be allowed to join smaller self-organized learning groups if a sufficient number of pupils to warrant a course isn't available at the time. Learning groups can receive guidance and tuition from tutors.


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